Study Abroad in Viet Nam
  Program 3: People and Livelihoods in South Central Vietnam


People and Livelihoods in South Central Vietnam

(3 Credits)

Course Description
South Central Vietnam is well-known for being the tourism center of Vietnam and a new destinations for foreign tourists from Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. This course is an introduction to landscapes, culture and the people of Vietnam in general and of south central Vietnam in particular. It also looks at the interesting experiences of the lives and traditions of the people in the South Central region of Vietnam. In addition, one of the main components of the course is to offer learners guided tours to beautiful attractions, craft villages and islands in the region and to provide opportunities for them to actively partake in some traditional jobs of residents in the South Central part of Vietnam. 

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Have an insight to and an understanding of the landscapes of Vietnam, her culture and people
  • Appreciate Vietnamese food and beverages
  • Communicate in Vietnamese in simple contexts and exchange cultural values
  • Experience the life and occupations of Vietnamese people in the South
  • Discuss Vietnamese culture overseas
  • Gain an overview of the tourism industry and marine the based tourism potentials of provinces in the South Central area
  • Understand key aspects of coastal and marine tourism, and their linkages with climate change and the natural environment.


  • Motivate students through meaningful course content such as: Vietnamese traditions, culture, and the history of Vietnam, guided tours to islands, craft villages and beautiful   locations and the experience of the traditional Vietnamese role.
  • Expand students’ Vietnamese cultural awareness and to help them have a deep understanding about Vietnamese people and to be ambassadors of Vietnam by discussing related topics, destinations and practicing doing residents’ jobs, upon their return home
  • Encourage students’ respect for different cultures through exchanging cross cultural values   

 Students are required to complete the following projects   

  • Students (with support and advice from the faculty, and with an NTU student guide) will spend at least one day with a resident of Nha Trang
    • Market seller
    • Cyclo Driver
    • Tour Guide
    • Roll rice maker
    • Rice Noodle maker

500 written words and 15 minute presentation on “A day in the Life of Market seller/ Cyclo driver….”

Produce a two- minute video about the Vietnamese traditions and cultures in South Central Vietnam using information collected during the field trips.  ( 5 minute presentation).


Read materials related to topics before the class begins. This requirement helps students more easily understand the course topics.
Attend classes, take part in classroom activities such as role play, discussions, presentations, and collect trip information and interview residents to get to know more about course topics.
Produce a two-minute video about traditions and culture of Vietnam 
Write a final report and give an oral presentation about your project

Tentative Schedule








A. Introduction to Vietnam



Day 1


  Vietnam: History, Traditions and Culture
Lịch sử Việt Nam
www.viet venture

+ Preparations :
Students are required to  read the history of Vietnam atịch sử Việt Nam; www.viet venture
Students are required to bring pictures of Vietnamese traditional  clothes and traditional music.
Classroom activities:
 Students  will have a short tour of the history of Vietnam through pictures with comments and discussion about similarities and differences of history between nations.

+ Introduce Vietnamese traditional music, clothes.
+ Free trip to listen to music on Tran Phu street at night.

Day 2

Explore the city (with an NTU student guide)

Day 3


Vietnamese Language


Classroom activities:
Students will be introduced to the Vietnamese language and they will  practise speaking Vietnamese in the greeting context in pair work and group work. 

Day 4

 7-16                     ONE- DAY FIEDL TRIP :  City and Rice Field  Tour 

  1. Ponagar Temple
  2. Long Son Pagoda
  3. Mountain Church
  4. Rice fields in Dien khanh



2. People and Culture in south central Vitenam



Day 5


Geography and a short history of Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan and Daklak
(Introduction part)



Sudents are required to bring  a map of three provinces and  to find the information on  the mountains and rivers in, and the histories of Khanh  Hoa, Ninh Thuan and Daklak  provinces.

Classroom activities:
Discuss the tourism strengths of  the above provinces .

Day 5

18, 19

 Traditions and cultures of people  in Daklak, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan
Part Tourism-Service)

Students are required to bring pictures of traditional clothes and food from three  provinces

Classroom activities :
 Discuss on  to find  the differences  between the  ways of life in three provinces  and students’.   


20- 29                  Two - Day  Field Trip:   Daklak                
      1. Experience local life
2. Chatting with local people
      3. Visiting temple/ traditional house

Day 8




3. Coastal and Marine Tourism in Khanh Hoa



Day 9


Variety and importance of coastal and marine tourism

Moreno & Amelung (2009)

What is coastal and marine tourism?
How important is it to the local community and economy?

Day 9


Climate change and marine tourism

Moreno & Amelung (2009)

Students will be introduced to the relationship between climate and tourism and  the likely impacts of climate change on tourism.

Day 9


Overview of tourism industry in Khanh Hoa

Le Van Hoa (2012)

The following topics will be introduced
+Major achievements of Khanh Hoa’s tourism industry and its contributions to the province
+Provincial tourism development strategy

Day 10

Explore the city (with an NTU student guide)


 33, 34

Marine-based tourism potentials of Khanh Hoa

Phan Thanh Truc (2012)

What are the potentials of marine values toward tourism development in Khanh Hoa?

  Introducing several major marine and coastal attractions of Khanh Hoa province



Impacts of marine tourism on natural environment

Vo Thi Kim Dung (2012)

What are the impacts of tourism on the natural environment at coastal and marine attractions?

What measures should be taken to minimize negative effects on  the environment?


36- 40

One Day Field Trip
 Multi-island Tour 


  1. Mun Island
  2. Mot Island
  3. Tranh Beach
  4. Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Day 13

Preparation for the presentation

 Day 14

41-  45

A day to be Nha Trang resident


Doing a job
 (Final Presentation)


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